Apr 20 2011

Mission Team is Here!

The NLBC Mission Team arrived safe and sound to Kelowna Canada. They were certainly tired after their long flights but were glad top arrive and find out about this place we now call home. After a nice meal the Team was taken to their homes away from homes for a good nights rest. Wednesday the Team will have some Canadian orientation, lunch with the Potter’s House Community Church (PHCC) Ministry Team and then off to Penticton for the afternoon. There will will visit the Christian bookstore and meet Mel, the owner. We will pray over the city as well as where we will have the Easter Egg Hunt on Monday. In the evening we will meet some more of the PHCC family who will help assimilate the Team farther into the Canadian culture with the goal of helping to meet people when we are Prayer Walking later in the week. There will be many photo opportunities in the days ahead so we look forward to sharing those with everyone who may be joining us to have a virtual mission trip and prayer walking experience.
Blessings and Appreciation for God’s grace and your Prayers.

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  1.   laurelon 20 Apr 2011 at 1:33 pm     1

    I am so glad to here they made it!

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