May 27 2011

Prayer walking journal

Prayer Walking Journal Update:
May 25, 2011
My last entry was late Feb so I have some bullet points below to summarize where we have been and what we have done since then. Below that are some thoughts for the days ahead.
• We continue to Prayer Walk Penticton weekly as well as volunteer at the Christian Bookstore. We are in Penticton at least twice a week most weeks. There is a Bible Study Class at our former church in GA who is keeping a map journal of our progress of Prayer Walking all the streets of Penticton in 2011.
• We have had Mission Teams and Vision Teams visiting the community and they have given of their time and have Prayer Walked with us as well. There is great excitement for future teams coming from GA. LA, New Mexico, and KY. God continues to open doors and expand his vision for planting churches 1000 new churches here in Canada.
• Volunteering at the Christian Bookstore has proven to be a true blessing. Mel is encouraged and we receive so many blessings for our time spent helping him and fellowshipping together. We regularly pray that more Bibles will be bought and we are seeing that happen. We continually are being introduced to people who are established there in the community. We are getting in crash course in Penticton history from Mel’s lifetime of living there . And we hear stories of how the Christian influence is being felt here in the valley. Recently a Hare Christina Priest has been visiting the bookstore. He was visiting from Montréal and for some reason began visiting the store. Mel talked with him and they had a good discussion time. On his last visit before going back home he bought a Christian book that Mel said was an excellent book for him to read. We pray for him.
• The Easter Egg Hunt was by all measures a huge success. It had a very positive impact here in the community and we believe opened the door for future ministry opportunities. Already we are planning for the Easter Egg Hunt next year and some events later this fall. Our prayer was for an opportunity to reach the unchurched through some of these events and that in fact is what is happening. So we praise God for answered prayers.
• Some events coming up in the next few months;
 Farmers Market in Penticton (Saturday mornings)​​May – Oct *
 Mission Trip to Prince Rupert (site of future church Plant)​Early June
 Painting Lifesong Christian Bookstore (LA Mission Team) ​End of July
 Block Parties on Okanagan / Skaha Lake (LA Mission Team) ​End of July
 Main Street Park Restoration Project (Combined Teams)​June/July
 Volunteer at Peachfest (GA Mission Team)​​​August 3 – 7
 Ambassadors for Penticton (Ron and Linda)​​​July/August
 Area wide Woman’s Retreat (Linda helping)​​​Late Sept
 NAMB Commissioning Service Weekend (Atlanta)​​Oct 1 – 2​
 Make a Wish Walk A Thon After Party (Acts Asso. Churches)  Oct 15
 Trunk or Treat at LocoLanding​​​​​Oct 31
 We Prayer Walk the Farmers Market and build relationships. We hope to set up a booth outside the Christian Bookstore and begin an evangelistic ministry through a ministry tool called Solarium. We hope to use interns and college students to help do this.
• The goal of Planting Churches is near far from our thoughts and Prayers. Our prayers are for towns and communities throughout BC right now. Perhaps one day God will expand our prayer borders to Alberta but for the present time we pray for BC.  There are some hopeful activities taking place in Penticton and we feel the need to intensify our prayers there. We are looking continually praying and looking for partnering churches to catch that vision and send resources…but mostly workers. There are so many towns and communities without a church preaching the truth and loving in Jesus’ name, it would be hard to list their names. The Convention has a vision for 1000 new reproducing churches and we have been cast a vision for 200 of those churches being here in BC. The Potter’s House has accepted that challenge and so we are excited to be here and know God has a plan for using us and PHCC to achieve that vision.
• The months ahead will be busy with activities and travel. Please use Ephesians 6: 19 -20 as a guideline as you pray for Linda and I as well as the Elders of Potter’s House Community Church.

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