Linda’s Story

How early is too early to be called to missions? I was barely a teenager when I knew that God had a purpose and plan for me. I came to know Christ as a child of 10 as a result of Christian parents and upbringing.

I met and married Ron as an early age knowing we were called to the ministry. Student Ministry for 20 years, then missions ministries for many years has been our calling. Leading students and adults to the excitement of mission work has been my passion.

The opportunity to lead the church to serve God as an Acts 1:8 church has been a blessing. Ron and I have always known and had a deep desire one day to serve the Lord full time on the mission field. The Holy Spirit’s leading, much prayer, and the confirmation of believers have lead us to Canada.

We wanted to serve in a place where the gospel is not preached on every corner. I want to serve and give people the opportunity to hear and respond to this great message of the gospel and eternity changing experience.

I am excited yet also not unaware that we are making a huge God sized change in our lives. This will push me closer to my heavenly Father, forcing me to rely on Him. It is His work anyway; Isn’t it? I just need to be on call to follow His leading. What and awesome humbling experience to serve our Lord. 

Linda DeMoss

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  1.   Erin Shawveron 02 Dec 2010 at 8:52 am     1

    Linda- This is a blessing to me to read your story. I have what I call “Holy Spirit Chills” because I am overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit when reading this. I love your heart and your passion to serve the Lord. I am praying for you regularly and I have no doubt that God will certainly bless you for your obedience to Him and your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone to bring Him glory! God bless you!
    With love-
    Your sister in Christ
    Erin Shawver

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