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May 27 2011

Prayer walking journal

Prayer Walking Journal Update:
May 25, 2011
My last entry was late Feb so I have some bullet points below to summarize where we have been and what we have done since then. Below that are some thoughts for the days ahead.
• We continue to Prayer Walk Penticton weekly as well as volunteer at the Christian Bookstore. We are in Penticton at least twice a week most weeks. There is a Bible Study Class at our former church in GA who is keeping a map journal of our progress of Prayer Walking all the streets of Penticton in 2011.
• We have had Mission Teams and Vision Teams visiting the community and they have given of their time and have Prayer Walked with us as well. There is great excitement for future teams coming from GA. LA, New Mexico, and KY. God continues to open doors and expand his vision for planting churches 1000 new churches here in Canada.
• Volunteering at the Christian Bookstore has proven to be a true blessing. Mel is encouraged and we receive so many blessings for our time spent helping him and fellowshipping together. We regularly pray that more Bibles will be bought and we are seeing that happen. We continually are being introduced to people who are established there in the community. We are getting in crash course in Penticton history from Mel’s lifetime of living there . And we hear stories of how the Christian influence is being felt here in the valley. Recently a Hare Christina Priest has been visiting the bookstore. He was visiting from Montréal and for some reason began visiting the store. Mel talked with him and they had a good discussion time. On his last visit before going back home he bought a Christian book that Mel said was an excellent book for him to read. We pray for him.
• The Easter Egg Hunt was by all measures a huge success. It had a very positive impact here in the community and we believe opened the door for future ministry opportunities. Already we are planning for the Easter Egg Hunt next year and some events later this fall. Our prayer was for an opportunity to reach the unchurched through some of these events and that in fact is what is happening. So we praise God for answered prayers.
• Some events coming up in the next few months;
 Farmers Market in Penticton (Saturday mornings)​​May – Oct *
 Mission Trip to Prince Rupert (site of future church Plant)​Early June
 Painting Lifesong Christian Bookstore (LA Mission Team) ​End of July
 Block Parties on Okanagan / Skaha Lake (LA Mission Team) ​End of July
 Main Street Park Restoration Project (Combined Teams)​June/July
 Volunteer at Peachfest (GA Mission Team)​​​August 3 – 7
 Ambassadors for Penticton (Ron and Linda)​​​July/August
 Area wide Woman’s Retreat (Linda helping)​​​Late Sept
 NAMB Commissioning Service Weekend (Atlanta)​​Oct 1 – 2​
 Make a Wish Walk A Thon After Party (Acts Asso. Churches)  Oct 15
 Trunk or Treat at LocoLanding​​​​​Oct 31
 We Prayer Walk the Farmers Market and build relationships. We hope to set up a booth outside the Christian Bookstore and begin an evangelistic ministry through a ministry tool called Solarium. We hope to use interns and college students to help do this.
• The goal of Planting Churches is near far from our thoughts and Prayers. Our prayers are for towns and communities throughout BC right now. Perhaps one day God will expand our prayer borders to Alberta but for the present time we pray for BC.  There are some hopeful activities taking place in Penticton and we feel the need to intensify our prayers there. We are looking continually praying and looking for partnering churches to catch that vision and send resources…but mostly workers. There are so many towns and communities without a church preaching the truth and loving in Jesus’ name, it would be hard to list their names. The Convention has a vision for 1000 new reproducing churches and we have been cast a vision for 200 of those churches being here in BC. The Potter’s House has accepted that challenge and so we are excited to be here and know God has a plan for using us and PHCC to achieve that vision.
• The months ahead will be busy with activities and travel. Please use Ephesians 6: 19 -20 as a guideline as you pray for Linda and I as well as the Elders of Potter’s House Community Church.

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Apr 20 2011

Mission Team is Here!

The NLBC Mission Team arrived safe and sound to Kelowna Canada. They were certainly tired after their long flights but were glad top arrive and find out about this place we now call home. After a nice meal the Team was taken to their homes away from homes for a good nights rest. Wednesday the Team will have some Canadian orientation, lunch with the Potter’s House Community Church (PHCC) Ministry Team and then off to Penticton for the afternoon. There will will visit the Christian bookstore and meet Mel, the owner. We will pray over the city as well as where we will have the Easter Egg Hunt on Monday. In the evening we will meet some more of the PHCC family who will help assimilate the Team farther into the Canadian culture with the goal of helping to meet people when we are Prayer Walking later in the week. There will be many photo opportunities in the days ahead so we look forward to sharing those with everyone who may be joining us to have a virtual mission trip and prayer walking experience.
Blessings and Appreciation for God’s grace and your Prayers.

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Feb 21 2011

Prayer Walking Journal February 17

February 17, 2011

 We spent the day working at the Lifesong Christian Bookstore, researching a place for our weekly Bible Study, and Prayer Walking various streets just south of the downtown area.

 We had a wonderful time of ministry with Mel today as we did a variety of tasks for him and shared with each other. We were thrilled to learn of some of the ways that Lifesong is making an impact in this Community. Today a man came into the store and said he just needed a safe place to come and pray. He went back to the place where the Bibles are kept and stayed a long time back there, after a while he came out and Mel was able to pray with him and share his testimony. The man was greatly encouraged and thanked Mel for being there for him and others. Another encouraging report was that two three people came in looking for Bibles in the last couple of days. One lady said she needed something to read that would help her in her life, Mel led her to a Bible and some other materials he felt would benefit her with her search for God.  Another Bible was bought by a teenage girl who was getting her very first Bible. I was there when some grandparents came and wanted a children’s Bible for their grandson. Linda and I have been praying for more Bibles to be sold in Penticton. Very exciting stuff and it confirms our conviction for why Lifesong is an important to being here for this community.

 We felt strongly about the need to Prayer Walking Gyro Park in preparation for the upcoming Community Easter Egg Hunt (pending approval from the city). We prayed for the confirmation and for the many families that would come. We asked God to make the ground Holy and to dedicate this ground for His purpose and his Glory. We prayed for the Mission Team coming from NLBC to assist in this event and to join us in the Prayer Walking Ministry.  

 We prayed over some streets right behind Main Street and around a very large school. We asked God that if there were Christians homes on the streets that they would be strengthened and have a testimony for the people who live around them. We prayed over about a dozen streets.

 Our largest need is to have a place to begin a small group. Due to a variety of health issues the location we have been thinking about for the past few weeks will have to be changed. We begin our search anew and are asking God to lead us to His location and help us to be patient as we wait on His timing. The next few weeks will be filled with meetings in Penticton with Penticton residence for which we remain hopeful. We are planning a social/reception on Saturday evening March 16th in Penticton to introduce ourselves and perhaps plant the seeds for a future small group.

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Feb 21 2011

Prayer Walking Journal February 9

Penticton Prayer Walking Journal Weekly Updates:

 February 9, 2011

 We spent the day doing volunteer work for Mel at the Lifesong Bookstore and Prayer Driving some neighborhood and streets.

 We had a wonderful day with Mel in the bookstore finishing up a large project we have been working on for a number of weeks. We discussed books, theology, Penticton current events, and the timing for our Small Group. It was an interesting conversation when he announced he had just heard an IHOP was coming to Penticton. In my mind I thought he was talking about a restaurant we have in the states (International House of Pancakes) but he was actually talking about a new church (International House of Prayer). Once we cleared that up he explained some of the theology and historical background to this denomination. Once he explained it to me I am more convinced than ever that we need a SBC church here in this community. We are waiting on God’s timing and pray for His direction and for divine opportunities. This info helped to focus our prayers as we drove out in the community today.

 We prayer drove 8 streets today (for those with maps see below for street names). It is a residential area that backs up to Okanagan College and Habitat Gardens. There were not many people out on the streets so we asked God for focused prayers and made many stops to pray. There were a good mixture of single dwelling homes as well as apartments and Condo units. In this area we saw only one church (Greek Orthodox) with a very large sign advertising a raffle they were having. I wonder about the message this sends to those in this community. We prayed about this.

 We need prayer for the timing on beginning a Community Group here in Penticton. Our desire is to begin ASAP but March has us traveling most of the month either to Terrace, Alberta, or the States. We are now thinking April. Please join us in praying for wisdom.

 Streets we Prayer Drove:

Timmins, Moosejaw Woodruff Ave, Scott Ave, Windsor, Conklin, Douglas, and Argyle.

 We await word from city about Community Easter Egg Hunt (first ever for the city). Once permission is received we have a company ready to ship us over 5000 plastic eggs.

 Meeting with some interested Penticton residence – Wednesday night Feb 23rd



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Feb 01 2011

January 28 Prayer Walking Journal

This is a shortened recap of our most recent visit:

We had a very productive day in Penticton. The first part was that Linda and I spent a short time helping Mel in the store, which is the first time Linda, has seen able to minister at the bookstore. The second was that we had a lunch meeting where we met the director of all community activities that take place in downtown Penticton. We were able to discuss a wide variety of activities that she oversees and ways we could become involved. We stressed to her that our motivation and intent was the following;

  1. To add value to the community and to be a part of the community that contributes rather than just receive. This resonated well with her and she reflected back exactly what we were trying to communicate.
  2. We wanted to get to know people and to let them know who we were and be a voice here in Penticton. We shared with her our intent to begin a weekly Bible Study somewhere in Penticton in the near future.
  3. We also wanted her to know we would like to be looked at as a resource for her and what she is trying to do in the downtown. Her primary responsibility are to enhance the environment in the downtown area as well as drawing families downtown as a place for entertainment.


She gave our ideas an enthusiastic reception and shared with us a number of ways she sees we can get involved in the immediate future.

  1. The Community Easter Egg Hunt. We were given the approval to use Gyro Park for the venue. She will publicize the event and help us find some sponsors for prizes.
  2. Adopting and improving the sitting park on Main Street. This was met with an enthusiastic approval. I am moving forward with drawing up plans for it’s improvement and dates where workdays would happen.
  3. She shared with us a program they have where “Ambassadors” are need when events are happening and guests need help. Training for this is coming up in March or April and we intend to attend the training.
  4. We were given permission to participate in the Peach Fest and to take part in the parade. This was a huge block of information as it relates to Mission Teams coming this August.

 We were very pleased with this meeting and felt the prayers that have been spoken on behalf of Penticton over the past years by TPHCC, others who have prayer walked this community, recent prayer walking experiences and those by our Prayer Partners all have played a part in opening the doors of involvement in Penticton in the name of Jesus.

 This week we were able to help Mel at Lifesong for the first time since Linda has been here. We began a project on Friday and then returned back to continue it on Saturday. It was real blessings to have Linda spend some extended time in the store and to add value to our relationship with Mel. 

 As we headed back to West Kelowna, we Prayer Drove over the street and offices where Barb works. We thanked God for our wonderful meeting with her and asked God for wisdom over the many opportunities she presented us with at our meeting. We lifted her up to recover well from her cold, to help her with all that she has to do, and for the long hours she has. We also prayed we would be a blessing to her and not hinder her in all we do. Her office is located on Nanaimo Street and we prayed for all that was happening in the offices and businesses.

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Jan 24 2011

Prayer Walking Journal January 19, 2011

 Today we visited Penticton, which turned out to be the best day of the week. It was a sunny day with wonderfully deep blue skies, which I am told is very unusual for the Okanagan Valley this time of year. We were thankful for the gift of the day Thursday and even more thankful we took advantage of Prayer Walking on this day. I am writing this on Friday (Jan 21st) and it has been raining and snowing off and on all morning. We began our day, as I do most every day since I have been coming to Penticton by going to the Chamber of Commerce office. I have met some very helpful people there and they are getting used to me buying postcards and asking questions about places and events going on in the community. My question that day was regarding a Community Easter Egg Hunt and who we could see to volunteer to help in any way possible. The lady there had no idea if there even was one, she had never heard of one if there was. I found this both interesting and exciting. I paid for my postcards and thanked her encouraged by the prospect of a way to impact some of the families in the community. Our next stop was to Munson Mountain Park. This is a very high hill that overlooks Penticton and the Valley. It is an excellent place to see the Okanagan Lake as well as the city. They have some wonderful trails, benches, and a small shelter to take in some spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. We took some great pictures (which can be seen on our website; Church Without Walls Ron and Linda’s Journey to Canada). We also spent some time praying over the city. As we were praying I had an image of Jesus when He prayed over Jerusalem. I was struck by how deceptive the view I was witnessing. I was thinking if this is what it looks like in the winter time what must it look like when all the vineyards and the orchards are in bloom, I could begin to imagine. But I quickly realized how easy it would be to be distracted in this place and get caught up in creation and not the Creator. I prayed for focus on our task here and even more focus in our Prayers here. Our next stop was to Abbott Street. This is where we have a potential place to begin a weekly Community Group which would have a twofold purpose; One, as an extension of The Potter’s House Community Church for the members who live here and secondly as an outreach for the unchurched living here in Penticton. I have some folks I am praying for now to ask as we begin our small group. We know God is busy preparing the place where we are to meet so we are actively waiting on Him to show us His perfect place. Please pray for us to have the wisdom to know where and the wisdom to know who to invite as we begin. After we prayed on Abbott Street we went and visited with Mel at the Bookstore. While there we met his wife Peggy and were delighted to see and meet and spend a few moments in talking with her. We asked Mel about a Community Easter Egg Hunt and he suggested a park there in town (Gyro Park) which is just north of his store on Main Street…We have posted pics of this park on our website as well. We went to the park where we spent some time eating a home packed lunch in the car (too cold) and looking and Praying over the grounds. It has a large amphitheater where during the summer a variety of groups are invited to come and play, Mel’s group has played there before. Don’t you know this place has my imagination going full blast on the possibilities of future Mission Trip groups coming to Penticton? Afterwards we went to A&W for a rootbeer and  where we spent time processing what we experienced and wrote on our weekly Postcard Ministry to family and friends.

 We were in Penticton from 11:00AM to 3:30PM. I am reminded of this quote “Prayer is not preparation for the work, it is the work” Pray that we really “know this as we pray” and “live the as we work”.

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Jan 17 2011

Prayer Walking Journal 1.14.11

Jan. 14, 2011

 It has been several weeks since we intentionally prayer walked Penticton due to the extended time away over the holidays, but Penticton has never been far from our thoughts, prayers, and conversation.

We have actively been engaged in lifting up the work and planning for future events with the following activities;

  1. While in the states we meet with some Prayer Walking Teams who are planning to be here for at least one, potentially two trips this Spring.
  2. We had an opportunity to speak at our sponsoring church where we spoke of the work in Penticton and encouraged continued support and prayers.
  3. I led a Bible Study where we were able to speak and share what has happened in the work here in Canada since I had left the States. 
  4. Last Sunday (Jan. 9th) Linda and I had lunch after church with one of the Elders from The Potter’s House Community Church who lives in Penticton. Over lunch we discussed a potential location for beginning a weekly small group in Penticton. We are excited to perhaps have a beginning location, or at the very least have a chance to be looking at a site, which is a milestone for the work.
  5. We visited Penticton last week ( Jan. 6th) with our daughter and her family. We went to the Christian Bookstore to see Mel and make some purchases at his store. While there I took my son in law to the sitting park on Main Street to discuss plans with him about beautifying the park. He had some exciting ideas.

 Yesterday was the first time to Prayer Walk with my wife. It was an opportunity for her to be here and to see what I have been seeing and to have a fresh look at some of the places we have been talking about for months. I was encouraged by here prayers and her fresh prayers for some of the places I have been driving by for a couple of months. We also visited with Mel and were encouraged by our visit with him for several reasons; He shared with us that in 2010 his Bible sales were way down and this was disappointing to him that so few people were excited about reading God’s word. But just this week he has sold several Bibles and he is rejoicing because of the stories attached to the sales. One was a man buying a Bible for a friend who is not a Christian but said they would read it if he gave him one. Mel sold him a Story Bible which is a translation that reads like a story. Another Bible was sold to a teenage girl that was ecstatic over getting her “very first” Bible. This is pretty powerful stuff for us to hear then have an opportunity and relate to you in this Partnership Family journal. I also asked Mel about being a part of a weekly small group Bible Study and he agreed that it was something he needed to do. So it was a great visit with him. He did not need help so we spent our time visiting with him and then Linda and I went outside and prayed over his store for his continued influence in the community.

We drove south on Martin Street and made some stops to pray along the way. One of our stops was at the public library. It was fascinating to see a Community Bulletin Board 40 feet long where just about anything and everything that is happening in Penticton is posted.  We hope to post our small group Bible Study on this board. We prayed over the board and since you have to be approved to put your notice there we prayed for favor as well as receptivity for those who need to come to the Bible Study. We have two couples committed to coming and two more who are very interested. So we prayed for them as well. On the way to the Mall we swung into the old Baptist church facility and prayed in  the parking lot. We asked God to grant favor to the new work and to protect it from the forces that destroyed the last work. We prayed for all the churches in the community and asked God for power and revival here. We then went to the Mall and walked through there for Linda to observe the place and to get more familiar with the people and flow of life.

 We are praying about beginning the Bible Study on Monday nights and starting hopefully before February.

 We were involved with Penticton activities from about 1:00PM till 6:30PM


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Dec 13 2010

Prayer Walking Journal December 10

December 10, 2010 – Friday

 I came to Penticton primarily to help Mel out at Lifesong Christian Bookstore. And so I went over after lunch and spent the afternoon helping get him caught up on some misc work that needed to be done. I had a good afternoon with him and I was very glad I was there because he said he was slow all morning and then got really busy when I came and it was good to have an extra hand. He seems to be relieved to have an extra hand around the place and I am praying after the first of the year he will have some peace about allowing us to help him so he can a break every once in a while. He is there all by himself Monday through Saturday from 8am till 6pm or later as he puts it whenever he feels like no more customers will be coming.

 I have made some of the following observations about the Mel and the Christian Bookstore;

  1. He really has a kind spirit and prays for his customers.
  2. He is in relationship with his customer base
  3. People have a sense of freedom to just come in and hang out in the store. They sit and listen to CD’s, read, or just walk around as though it is a place of escape and peace.
  4. Mel needs a break! I am praying Linda and I can provide him with that opportunity after the first of the year.
  5. Mel needs some help organizing his work room. There is stuff piled everywhere but with no help and no extra time it is difficult for him to do.
  6. He seems more and more open to what we are doing there. Today he asked me if I have been preaching anywhere. I explained I really don’t preach as much as teach but after the first of the year I hope to get a Small Group started in Penticton. I will ask him to come and be a part of our starting core group since he is not connected to a home church at the moment.

 I did drive around the community coming and going today. I try to leave town a different way each time so I can see more and be more prepared for when the Prayer Teams start showing up.

 Some of my impressions from Penticton so far;

  1.  There are loads of Liquor Stores in this town, more than seem needed for this size town.
  2. There are Night Clubs and Bars along and around Main Street. There is one right next to the park I hope to adopt (see below for more info on this).
  3. I feel a strong sense of community here. They take pride in their place and they are loyal to their community businesses. Main Street have plenty of store where people can get what is sold at most of these stores at the Super Wal-Mart just a short distance up the street and perhaps a bit cheaper.
  4. Mostly smaller homes around town here. Communities, even in town, seem to be well cared for with few places that show neglect. They ones that are kind of run down really stand out.
  5. Lots of Senior Adults here (28%) but there were many young families at the Christmas Parade as well.
  6. It is not hard to get people to talk with you if you can ask the right questions and listen…kinds universal. Me talking first usually gets people curious and they ask where I am from which helps to kick start conversations. I am thinking Linda, whose “Southern” is more pronounced than me will get more questions than me as I am starting to lose that part of my language.
  7. Food is expensive here so lots of people pack lunches and don’t eat out as much as in the states.

 Some of my Penticton goals for January 2011;

  1.  Weekly meetings with a Penticton residence
  2. Approaching select members of The Potter’s House Community Church to commit to specific projects in Penticton for 2011.
  3. Meet with city officials about adopting the sitting park on Main Street as an ongoing project for 2011 and beyond.
  4. Finding a Small Group location and set a goal to launch sometime in the early Spring.
  5. Meet with George and Kama (former Praise and Worship leaders at Abundant Life Church). Discuss interest in being a part of the new work.
  6. Want to be trained well enough to give Mel some away time from the store.
  7. Nail down Prayer Walkers form States and their specific dates.
  8. Get connected to someone who can help us get connected to the weeklong Peachland Festival held here in August.

 I was in Penticton from about 12:00 till 4:15pm. I had an appointment in West Kelowna that evening.


This was up on the mountain yesterday after our fresh new snow…


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Dec 07 2010

Prayer Walking Journal December 4

December 4, 2010 – Christmas Festivities

 I was in Penticton to be in town for their Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting. I went a little early to walk around and get a feel for the community on a Saturday. It was an opportunity to see more people and to have a better feel for who is living in this town. There were thousands of people lining Main Street for the parade and I observed loads of young families, which is a contrast to what I normally see during the week while I am in town Prayer Walking. One of the main items I was looking for was what was I going to see at the parade. What I expected to see was community and civic organizations represented and I did. I saw a dance studio with their students dancing down the street, I saw a First Nation’s canoe go by with natives beating drums, I saw the Okanagan Queen’s float with a giant wine bottle, I saw loads of Santa’s, there were people walking around from the city handing out candy and wishing folks Happy Holidays, I saw a Christian school group go walking by, I saw some machine that blew fire out it’s stacks like it might have been for an Air Balloon company but I am not sure but the flames sure warmed us up for a minute or so, but at last I saw a flatbed truck go by with a manger set up and some children sitting around dressed up like Biblical characters. But there was no signage or anything to give explanation to who they were or anything about their scene. One of the things that I noticed is that not one church was represented in the parade. I know the Presbyterian Church was having a “Walk Through Bethlehem” program at the same time as the parade. I was not shocked by what I experienced but I wanted to run into the street and shout Happy Birthday Jesus…But I didn’t. It did give me some more ideas and certainly some questions to ask in the days ahead.

 Before the Parade I visited some shops and looked around. One store that amazed me was a Used Bookstore that had more books than I have ever seen at a used bookstore in my life. In there was every kind of subject you could think of and some you don’t want to think of. I found a section that had books for all kinds of “isms” and philosophies. While there a young man was looking through a book on Muslim thought so I went up next to him and started pulling out books on the Bible and Christianity. I just started praying for him and for him to be confused by the words and be blinded to the teachings he was reading after short while he replaced the book and left that section. I then reached over and prayed over that section asking God to open the eyes to those who have been blinded to the truth and are being held captive by our enemy the father of lies. I will spend more time here again. I spent some time talking with Mel at the Christian Bookstore and was able to assist him with some work he needed to get done at the store before the parade started right outside his door. He has a tremendous location and so we continue to pray for increased business and inquirers to come through the door.

 I was in Penticton from 2:00PM till about 8:15PM

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Dec 06 2010

Prayer Walking Journal

December 1, 2010 – Wednesday

On this visit I was determined to get better acquainted with the community and how roads connected and what different areas looked like. I mostly have been in the business areas and have yet to get into communities and walk neighborhood streets. There are a lot of apartments along Main Street above the businesses and some of them I have seen and made some mental notes. I talked with a number of people as I was walking around and going into different businesses. I talked at length with Mel and discussed his needs and how we could begin volunteering weekly there in the store. Right now with the holiday season it is too busy for him to stop and train me since he is there by himself. After the first of the year he will train Linda and I so he can get some time away for short periods of time. He did share one story that underscores the ministry he has there in the community. His Swing Band, where he plays a customized keyboard has been playing in a restaurant fairly regularly for the past few months. While they don’t share the gospel the workers in the restaurant have begun asking questions and seeking him out to just talk. He has befriended the bartender and even has given him a Bible. A friend of the Bartender has begun coming to the store and making a point of expressing his fascination with the atmosphere of the store and how he feels “different” when he is there. There are indeed things happening in that store and God is working in and through Mel as he ministers to those God sends his way. I did discuss with Mel about the possibility of starting a small group somewhere in Penticton after the first of the year. We need to pray for continued prayers for more customers and for financial wisdom as he makes decisions on products to stock the shelves. I helped him with some physical needs and then promised I would pray for him. I hope to see him Saturday when I am in town for the Christmas Parade and tree lighting. Across the street from Mel’s store is a small area that has some benches and picnic tables. I noticed it last week and saw it was very unkept and in need of some TLC. I discussed with Mel about the possibility of helping the city to clean and perhaps fix it up. Mel gave me a contact name and I am praying about the best way to approach them to offer our services. This could be the first step in making some important contacts in the community. I spent some time Prayer Walking a little on the southern end of Main Street before I drove down to Lakeside Drive. While on Lakeside Drive, which is along the northern lake Okanagan Lake, I pulled off and began praying for what the summer would look like in this area. It has the beach as well as loads of hotels and rental properties lining the shore. I also wanted to visit the Mall and see if what I suspected was in fact true. It was…I thought I would find a larger crowd of senior adults in the mall and I did. With it being winter here the Mall is apparently the place for seniors to gather and talk. The food court was packed with seniors around tables, talking, reading the paper, or just passing the time. I am praying about how to get into this culture and use this gathering for Kingdom advantage. I will go back and pray for wisdom. I did make an appointment to meet some senior adult folks for coffee next week and perhaps we can meet at the food court and I can sit among them and strike up some conversations. Keeping in mind that 25% or more living in this community are senior adults, perhaps that is where God will open the first door for ministry?  More prayer needed to discern God’s direction here. I talked with Mel; some people on the street, a couple of ladies at an small Italian Deli; Darlene at the Chamber of Commerce; Sharon at the gas station who has a brother in law from Louisiana who says “yes mam” like me; A young man at the phone store in the Mall; and Joan with whom I will have coffee with next Wednesday (her husband Ralph will be joining us as well). Mel, Joan, and Ralph are the only ones from Penticton, not connected to our church, who know what we are attempting to do there.  

 I was in Penticton from 10:30AM – 4:15PM  It was a fairly nice day with temperatures in the low 40’s to high 30’s. It gets dark here at 4PM in the winter here.


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